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The musical legend that united people and brought them together with her angelic harmonic vocals is loved by all. She was born Nouhad Haddad to a family of very humble beginnings. She was discovered at the young age of 14 and quickly made a name for herself singing on the radio despite continued objections from her conservative father and townsmen.

A very shy personality, and almost an anti-social, she captured her audiences over decades with her voice rather than with her body movements on stage. She got married to Assi Rahbani and brought into this world the king of lebanese rebels: Ziad Rahbani, a musician, composer and artist that continues to play a great influence on his mom's music productions.

Interesting fact: Fairuz nearly took Madonna to court over the use of one of Fairuz's

songs without permission in Madonna's song Erotica. The song and album were banned in Lebanon for the longest time until the case was settled between the artists out of court.

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