Nuclear Wintour

The most famous fashion icon of our times: Anna Wintour: Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine and artistic director of Conde nast- she is worth more than $35mill. Born to an english journalist father, Wintour grew up in a family of journalists and reporters and loved the power of the written word.

She defined the industry with her daring covers, and was known to shift the focus from fashion to celebrities with the first ever feature showing a celebrity (Madonna) on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Wintour is known for her bob which she's adorned since the age of 15, and her iconic Chanel glasses that save her from sharing her bored eye rolls at fashion shows. She is a tough woman in the workplace and carries herself as an ice queen until she is triggered. Her son shared that she once threw out their Christmas tree because it was "too busy" in decorations.

She's had 2 marriages and has a son and a daughter. Wintour was knighted Dame in 2017 for her work in fashion and journalism.

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