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::REINVENTED:: The Birth of My Show

I finally did it. And all thanks goes to Clubhouse the App. For the longest time, I've been wanting to start a podcast to bring the community around me together and be able to share experiences, support one another, and laugh and make light of all the faux pas we've fallen into as we navigate our individual journeys.

As a strong believer in that ideas need to be prepped before the match is struck and they are lit ablaze, I was happy to wait. And then Clubhouse happened. Everything came together, and I did not have to "reinvent" the wheel!

I started off with a simple title: Reinvented: Women after 40... that is until someone in the audience objected to the gender discrimination. The next session became : Reinvented: Women and Men after 40.. but then someone sited ageism. So I threw my hands to the air and said: Reinvented needs to be reinvented! And so, with the help of 2 amazing women that have descended into my life like guardian angels, the show shaped itself into what it is today. We share stories, support one another, and laugh and make light of all the craziness we've gone through. I guess the stage had to be set before the stars could walk on it.


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